1. You don't trust me

You've done training plans and diet plans before, with no results at the end of them. Why should my plans be any different then?

You've probably seen how many mixed messages there are circulating the internet from various trainers on what is the best to do for your problem. I imagine you think everyone must be lying about the results they can produce from their method.

Have a watch of my content to see if you trust what I say.

2. Information is all online

The majority of what I will tell you can be found online nowadays, so what is the use for a trainer when all the information on how to improve your health and fitness is available at the touch of a button?

But are you able to implement that information in an effective and applicable way?

3. I won't understand your circumstances

Everyone has a battle with their health and fitness. Different things get in the way or cause issues on the road to being fitter. How can someone you've never met understand all of these things.

Thousands of hours of training clients has taught me that everyone has circumstances they need to overcome in order to achieve their goals.

If I'm right, let me know with a message