Everyone is different.
And that includes the way people like to train

That's why I have 3 main services to chose from:

1. 1-2-1 Coaching

This is the standard personal training method. We work together in the gym for 1 hour. Together we understand your goals and tailor your training towards that. I will give you homework to perform outside of the gym and a plan to follow when we are not together.

I do my 1-2-1 coaching out of Fresh Gym in Shepperton.

2. Online Coaching

In the modern world we now live in, so much can be done online. That's why I decided to offer online coaching. This is less hands on that regular personal training, but allows you as the client to access much more information from me than the standard 1 hour slot.

I work with clients online to a specific timeframe and goal. Together we form a plan of action for both training and nutrition, as well as monitoring lifestyle.

Using the resources I have online, clients are able to get great results, stay accountable, and feel comfortable in what they're doing. This is all at a cheaper cost to 1-2-1 coaching.

If you are interested in online coaching then book a consultation call here.

3. Hybrid Coaching

This is a mix of the two coaching styles above. We incorporate some 1-2-1 sessions together in order to go over technique, new exercises, and to motivate you further.

This is all alongside an online coaching programme and accountability plan. This is perfect for those who feel comfortable in the gym but like an extra push sometimes and need accountability to stay on track with their goals.

Occasionally I open up slots for 12-16 week transformations. If you are interested in one of these programmes then contact me below