Small Group PT

Join a group of men just like you who want to lose weight, get fit and enjoy a happier life.

Here's the details:


3 Training Session Slots Available Each Week

You will have 3 sessions to chose to come to throughout the week. You can come to as many or as little as you like. It is first come first serve for booking, and only 3 men can do 1 session.

These sessions are:

Mon - 6:30 am

Wed - 6:30 am

Wed - 7:00 pm

All sessions take place at Fresh Gym, Shepperton.


Monthly Payment

The cost of small group PT is a monthly fee of £150.

Even if you only attended 1 session a week, it is still 20% cheaper than my 1-1 fee.

Group training starts 6th June.



The 6 men who are selected to be in the training group will receive: workouts to do when training can't be attended, example meal plans, and a library of resources to help.