• Ciaran O’Connell

Weekly calories over daily calories?

Calories can be looked at like your finances.

Think about being on a budget.

Each week you have a certain amount of money you’re able to spend before you end up in debt.

The same can be said for your calories when in a deficit.

The focus for most people when it comes to calories is to focus on the daily amount you’re having. Let’s say it’s 2,000 calories to be in a calorie deficit.

That’s 14,000 calories over the course of the week.

Split this up however you like to help you stay in your deficit. If you know that you like to go out on Friday with friends and you tend to go a little overboard, then allocate more calories to that day.


Monday - 2,000

Tuesday - 2,000

Wednesday - 1,500

Thursday - 1,500

Friday - 3,000

Saturday - 2,000

Sunday - 2,000

Back to the analogy of finances.

You wouldn’t splurge out on a big shopping spree Tuesday, and then decide to do it again on the Thursday. Instead you would save up the pennies for the day you’re going out shopping, or spend less the following days to make up for the big spend.

If we focus too hard on hitting daily calories only, it’s too easy to become disappointed when we go over the daily amount.

You’re also more likely to be in a surplus rather than a deficit if each day you focus on hitting 2,000 calories and think ‘oh I went over my calories yesterday, today I’ll hit the target amount’. This is because there’s not been an adjustment for the previous day.

Workout how your calories add up for a week.

Decide where some days you’ll probably want to eat more than usual.

Compensate on the other days to allow a weekly deficit.

Doing this will help you towards your weight loss goal and reduce your negative emotions around calorie counting.

Try it out!

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