• Ciaran O’Connell

The A-Z Exercise Guide

You can use the guide below to create your own workout!

Spell your name and note down the exercises involved. Spend 30-45 seconds on each exercise until your name is complete.

Do as many rounds as you feel will give you a good workout

A - Abdominal roll

B - Bicep curl

C - Crunch

D - Deadlift

E - Elliptical machine

F - Front squat

G - Glute bridge

H - Hip thrust

I - Isometric pull up

J - Jerk & press

K - Kickback

L - Lat pull down

M - Mountain climber

N - Nordic curls

O - Overhead press

P - Press up

Q - Quad extension

R - Renegade row

S - Shoulder press

T - Tricep extension

U - Underarm row

V - V sit

W - Walking lunges

X - X crunch

Y - Y press

Z - Zercher curl

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