• Ciaran O’Connell

Eat your favourite foods to lose weight

Don’t think about an elephant balancing on a ball juggling coconuts. You can’t not think about that now I told you it.

The principle of removing a food group or food item from your diet is the same. If someone tells you you can’t eat a food, all you’ll crave is that food. It does you no good when going on a diet to try not eat a certain food.

Instead, try to incorporate your favourite foods in to a calorie controlled diet. Put those favourite foods as the priority and then work out how many calories you have left for the rest of your meals.

Let’s say you’re going out for pizza with mates on Friday. Workout how many calories you’re going to have for that, then the remainder will be what you can have for lunch, breakfast and snacks. Of course, the calories for those meals are likely to be small due to the high calorie favourite meal. But at the end of the day you still get to eat your favourite food while out and not remove it from your diet.

If you don’t do this, you’ll be sat with your mates watching them eat your favourite food as you nibble on the lowest calorie option in the restaurant. You won’t want that feeling again and you’ll give in to cravings, leading you to go over calories.

The diets that work best and are sustainable are the ones that don’t make you feel like you’re on a diet.

A diet to many people is cutting out food groups. I want to rewire your thinking on that. I encourage you to eat what you want in a calorie controlled way.

Try it for a week. Download MyFitnessPal, find your calories for your goal, track your food for the week and don’t be afraid of eating burgers, chips, pizza, ice cream etc etc.

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