​As a Sport and Exercise Science graduate, I use my scientific background to create workouts and plan strategies that have factual backing. No gimmicks, no fads, no bs from me.

I worked in an office environment for years before and understand the modern day struggles to maintain a fitness routine. I make it my number 1 priority to understand your situation and provide realistic solutions that steer towards achieving your end goal.

My previous and current experience in high level sport gives me an insight in to how to get the best out of you. We are all athletes at heart, and have an untapped potential inside of us. I want to unlock yours.


My Philosophy

I believe in being able to move functionally. This means being able to use your strength in real world situations. I also encourage you not to remove any foods/exercises you like (even chocolate).

Duncan James

My Clients

I care about my clients outside of the gym floor or a check in.

I want my clients goals just as much as they do. That is why I invest so much time in to accountability, programming, and getting to know their lifestyle.

My clients are varied, some are celebrities, others are office workers. To me, each client is the same and receives the same top service.