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Health and fitness isn't all about looking like a model. It's about feeling stronger and healthier - being able to go upstairs without getting out of breath, playing with your kids, hitting a new PB, or being able to function better. It's nice to have aesthetic goals, but it's not the be all and end all.

Celebrity personal trainer based in Shepperton

1-1 Online Training

Get the full package. Tailored programme, nutrition analysis, check ins, accountability.

Limited spaces!

£99 a month

Face to Face Training

Work with me face to face.

See yourself transform with someone who will get the best out of you.


Why me?

Quite simply because I practice what I preach.

I'm not one for fads or unproven methods. As a sports science graduate I use the scientific methods to get you results.

I'm also not going to tell you to starve yourself. Anyone with a ripped to shreds 6 pack isn't living their having a beer at the weekend!

I want to improve your quality of life, change your mindset, increase your healthy habits, but ultimately make sure you're enjoying your training and life outside of it.

Train with me and see how good exercise can really be for your body and mind.

Let's do it!

Ciaran aspires to help people get in shape and motivates you to do exercise in a way that's not boring. Not everyone loves to workout, but when you have Ciaran it's great.

Harriet Gabriel



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