Ciaran O'Connell


Health and fitness isn't about looking like a model. It's about feeling stronger, healthier & happy. In other words, becoming the best version of yourself.

I believe in the importance of improving your quality of life, changing your mindset, increasing your healthy habits, but ultimately making sure your training is guided to your goals.

I'm not a believer in fads and quick fixes. I run transformations from 6 - 12 weeks for those willing to put the work in to change.

Above all, I ensure my clients have fun when exercising. They're more likely to adhere to their goals and routines, and therefore get the results they desire!​

Train with me and see how easy it is to transform yourself!


In Person

Online Coaching

I help people around the country transform their lives for the better, all from online coaching.

Many people are skeptical about online coaching, but I can put those worries to bed.

The online age is here. Online coaching allows me to give more to you for a cheaper price. Face to face you get me for only 1 hour. Online, you get me 24/7!

Online coaching with me includes:

  • Tailored fitness programme with exercise demonstrations

  • Specific nutritional goals

  • Accountability to keep you on track

  • Access to a library of videos on mindset, motivation, nutrition, advice, and so much more

  • Access to my COTraining community

If you're thinking about becoming the best version of yourself, book in a free call with me.

Warning - I only work with action takers


Ciaran has really helped me find my confidence in the gym again. He continually pushes what I thought were my limits, which is exactly what I needed. His background knowledge in physiology really helps me understand how to focus my training and diet. Would recommend to everyone!