Train for a healthier, happier you!

Health and fitness isn't all about looking like a model. It's about feeling stronger and healthier - being able to go upstairs without getting out of breath, playing with your kids, hitting a new PB, or being able to function better. It's nice to have aesthetic goals, but it's not the be all and end all.

Celebrity trainer + personal trainer based in Shepperton

Working with Ciaran

Ciaran believes in a simple method to getting results and reaching your goals... having fun and being honest.

As a sports science graduate, Ciaran is powered by the science of physical activity, not giving in to fads that claim to have the magical cure to weight loss.

Ciaran knows that those who have fun exercising are more likely to adhere to their goals and routines, and therefore get the results they desire!

He believes in the importance of improving your quality of life, changing your mindset, increasing your healthy habits, but ultimately making sure you're enjoying your training and life outside of it.

Train with Ciaran and see how easy it is to transform yourself!


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